Laura Porter - Bristol

"Greenmeadow Building and Landscaping worked for us for approximately three months, completing a total reconstruction of our ground floor and..."

Throughout, communication was excellent, and the levels of professionalism, advice, and consultation surpassed anything I had come to expect based on past experiences with other companies. That goes for everything from the clear written estimate to day-to-day chats about what was being completed at any given stage.

We lived upstairs in our property during the build. For context; I am a stay-at-home mum to a toddler and also heavily pregnant with our second child. The team were, without exception, considerate and friendly and always provided warning for when we were likely to be disrupted upstairs.

Perhaps the element which makes Greenmeadow really stand out is the consideration for our neighbours and for keeping disturbance to the rest of the street to an absolute minimum during this large project. On two separate occasions neighbours commented to me how reassuring it was to see workers in identifiable uniforms making efforts to sweep and clean the road at the end of each day's work.

A factor in our decision to engage Greenmeadow was their ability to handle every stage of the project, from the demolition to the finishing touches of decoration. Experience really shone through, and we consider the standard of each element of the work to be just as high as any other. Clearly the team are made up of individuals with particular skills and each person is assigned accordingly".

I am very happy to contribute to the testimonials.

Laura Porter June 2016